The Hamilton - Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group (HCRLG) consists of 46 members that have private land adjoining or nearby the Hamilton ? Coleraine Railway Line and have been actively contributing the Natural Resource Management outcomes in the Glenelg River catchment since 1998. The Natural Resources of the HCRLG area link to;
Ø  The Hamilton ? Coleraine Railway Line linear reserve which covers a distance of 35k, with an average width of approximately 40m, an area of around 140ha.  The reserve also includes the station grounds of Bochara, Wannon and Coleraine, bringing the total area of railway reserve to approximately 170ha.[1] This reserve is managed by Hamilton-Coleraine Reserve Management Committee.
Ø The Grangeburn Creek, McKinnon Creek and many other important waterway tributaries of the Wannon River that run through nine properties in the HCRLG area.

Major achievements of the group include:
Ø Combined Rabbit Program
Ø Gorse Control
Ø Mt. Koroite Erosion Control Program
Ø Protecting & Restoring Biodiversity, Habitat & Water Quality in McKinnon Creek
Ø Education and Engagement of community, including regular guest speakers on current issues
Ø Targeting of works ? mapping areas of concern to better target on-ground work

[1] Environmental Audit and Strategic Workplan Hamilton ?Coleraine Rail Reserve, 2003-2006, pg4, Hamilton ? Coleraine Rail Reserve Committee