Our purpose

Friends of the Surry Inc.’ was formed in November 2006 to create a strong voice for the protection of the Surry River’s ecosystem. Of particular interest was the prevention of illegal river mouth openings that were happening, often at a time that was most detrimental to the aquatic life of the river. We set out to alert and educate the community about the threat this and other practices, such as the clearing and grazing of riparian areas, posed to the sustainability of a pristine and beautiful environment.
We are members of Landcare, Coastcare and Waterkeepers Alliance. Our work has included riparian and private land planting, being involved in panel hearings, taking legal action in VCAT against inappropriate developments, monitoring of the threatened hooded plovers, water quality testing, and conducting educational talks to primary schools and visiting university students.
Our aims are:
1) To protect the Surry Estuary and maintain and restore it as a sustainable ecosystem;
2) To promote, to the community at large, the value of the Surry River as a sustainable ecosystem;
3) Encourage sustainable usage of the estuary consistent with environmental best practice;
4) Source funding to achieve the objectives of the association; and
5) To raise awareness of the cultural and historical values of the estuary.