This project is live

The Gazette Land Action Group's vision is to increase the number of wildlife corridors on privately owned properties to link with remnant areas of the Mt Napier State Park to Mt Rouse.
In conjunction with the Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Department of Primary Industries and landholders these plantings would occur strategically across properties and along waterways.
This scheme's vision is made up of many smaller projects which details can be seen listed on our website.
The benefits of this project include;
Increased habitat and corridors for all native wildlife
Improved water quality with some plantings along waterways
Erosion control
Increased indigenous species varieties in the area
Greater community awareness and knowledge
From 2008 to 2012 the Gazette group members have fenced approximately 49.3km with over 40Ha of indigenous species planted to further enhance the Mt Napier to Mt Rouse wildlife corridor.