This project is live

In 2012/13, MAD for the Merri has been very fortunate in successfully in securing funding to continue facilitating on ground works, events and education.
The Facilitator position has received funding from the Victorian Local Landcare Facilitators Initiative (DSE) for 1 day a week until mid 2015.  Additional funding for facilitating various projects allows Karen Wales to work a 3 day fortnight.  Warrnambool City Council hosts the Merri River Facilitator position at the Civic Centre.

Following is a summary of the projects being undertaken in 2013:
Victorian Landcare Grants will see 3 sites restored with native vegetation fenced along the Merri river and tributaries this year.
2 million trees funds will assist in planting 3 riparian areas in the next 18 months around Merrivale and downstream from Russell's Creek 
Warrnambool City Council’s Community Environment Support Fund in 2013 is supporting MAD to undertake a survey of the river within the urban boundary to help identify and prioritse actions for the next 5 years. The weeds matter brochure produced in 2012 will be launched and circulated to residence near the Merri in autumn 2013 
Parks Victoria is supporting catchment works next financial year for works relating to the Merri Marine Sanctuary.  Includes revegetation at several sites, signage at a drain outlet, a community event and facilitation
We will also have 4 events in 2013. Funding will assist the newly reformed Friends of the Merri Marine Sanctuary run an event, allow supporters to undertake a bus trip through the central Merri River catchment, support involvment of students in National Tree Day and provide for kayak hire on World Rivers Day.