This project is live

Panyyabyr Landcare Group is mapping past protection and revegetation projects in the Panyyabyr Landcare Group map area. This project has been supported by the 25th Anniversary Grant program.
This project will contract a person to undertake mapping of past protection and revegetation projects in the Landcare Group area. This information has been collected to date in hard form on a large map of the group, where landholders add detail at Landcare meetings using colours to code their activities.
As the Group expands and undertakes further works, this record is becoming more difficult to read with all the markings on the map, but it is a great record of the work undertaken over the past 17 years. This map is and has been the basis for planning actvities for the Landcare Group.

Digitising this data means this information can be reliably recorded and stored, as well as colour coded for different years, different projects, weeds, native vegetation, etc.
Some ground-truthing will be undertaken as part of the mapping process. The end product will be an electronic copy of the map for future use by the group.