The Bunbartha Kaarimba Landcare group came into being in 1990, and was initially concentrating their efforts on depression planting, filling gullies and low lying land. At certain times of the year these areas would become a watercourse and by planting trees and other vegetation this has helped to curb gully erosion and other related problems.
There are about 20 financial members of the group and 10 or so of those regularly attend meetings. Most members are all involved in some type of farming whether it be dairy farming or horticulture.
Projects Undertaken:

· The group has been involved in a lot of roadside planting and depression planting.
· The group has organised walks through the Loch Garry State Forest, to look at flora and fauna in the area.
· With a local school, the Landcare group is actively involved in aspects of the school curriculum, including organising educational days at local Landcare sites, and in the Loch Garry State Forest.
· The group is involved in the Watertable Watch program and in the Nutrients in Drains program that monitors nutrient levels in waterways.
· They have completed a Blackberry eradication program and are currently considering another eradication program, this time focussing on the removal of Peppercorns down the Bunbartha- Shepparton Road.
· They have established a memorial tree plot in which trees have and will continue to be planted in memory of past community members.
· Together with the community we have recently completed the Bunbartha Kaarimba Zeerust Local Area Plan, which is now been implemented.


The Bunbartha Kaarimba Landcare group have received the following grants:

· A National Heritage Trust grant: funding was received to assist in the protection and regeneration of remnant vegetation and to create corridors between the remnant stands,
· They received a Community Salinity Grant, which went towards covering the costs of Watertable Watch participation, and the production of a local newsletter.
· They have received a Parks Victoria Grant, for the revegetation of disused roads, and for roadside planting.

Goals and Concerns:

The group will continue to be involved in various programs.
While comparatively speaking, the area is generally very healthy, and free from really pressing land degradation issues, there is still community concern about the future of the area.
There are potholes, or sinkholes in the area, which some locals can remember always being dry, but which now periodically fill with water.
Landholders are continuing to plant native vegetation on their properties and are also involved in community efforts, and this will hopefully act as a defence against serious problems in the future.

New members are always welcome.
For further information visit their website at or please contact the Goulburn Murray Landcare Network office on 5832 1133 or email