Delatite Landcare AGM 2010

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Delatite Landcare AGM, direct seeding property visits and bbq

It’s with great pleasure that Delatite Landcare Group committee invites members and friends to attend the Delatite Landcare Group 2010 Annual General Meeting and election of committee and office-bearers.

This year our theme is Successful Direct Seeding for Revegetation.

We’re holding the AGM at Erica and Evan Lowing’s property Kilmuir, 154 McLeod’s Lane, Mansfield on Sunday 29th August from 11 am. We start with the sale of raffle tickets followed by the AGM itself. After that, we’re visiting direct seeding and hand planted revegetation projects established over a period of 6 years at Kilmuir and two other interesting properties in McLeod’s Lane, Rennick’s and Shinns’. We’re finishing with a meat-on-the-spit barbeque.  All you need to bring is your choice of drink and either pre-lunch nibbles, a salad or a dessert to share.

We’ve chosen the theme Direct Seeding because of our current emphasis on improving the biodiversity of the Delatite River catchment. It will give members a valuable opportunity to see for themselves the results of this revegetation technique and to ask questions about its practical application.