A meeting of the Katandra / Invergordon United Dairy Farmers of Victoria in May 1991, it was suggested that a Landcare group be established. This was taken up and the initial name was the Katandra West Salinity Prevention group but this was later changed to the Katandra West Landcare group Inc. Approximately 82 three meter deep test wells have been installed by landholders. These test wells have been monitored monthly including EC reading for 3 years. When the test wells were installed at the 2 schools Landcare members were closely involved in education programs with the students. For many years, Shepparton High School Year 10 Geography students participated in field days reading the test wells and to see and learn about Whole Farm Planning.
Many various field days have been held over the years regarding tree planting, salinity prevention measures, automatic irrigation, channel construction, improved drainage and tile drainage. At Katandra much of the area has a perched Watertable (a layer of clay close to the surface which prevents water seeping to the actual Watertable). The United Dairy Victoria ? Katandra branch initiated the installation of tile drainage on 2 properties. The Landcare group had 2 field days on these sites to inform landholders. The report on tile drainage concluded that soil salinity had improved due to the operation of the tile drainage.
In 1993 the local schools, with the help of the Essendon Primary School, planted trees at Inglis Reserve, a 17Ha remnant of Box Woodland, close to Katandra. Education programs were an integral part of the project conducted by members.
The Katandra group have planted at 2 other locations, near the cemetery and along the approaches to the township, both local schools were involved. Recognition for this enhancement has been recognised by Tidy Town Awards that have been won over the years.
In 1996 the Landcare group were involved with the Department of Agriculture?s EM Soil Salinity Testing program. The results concluded that 95% of the soils tested had an A++ rating.