The Muckatah Landcare Group was formed in April 2004 after a group of interested local people decided there was a need for a combined approach to ensuring the area surrounding the Muckatah Depression was maintained and enhanced as drainage in the area became a major concern. The group celebrated its 10th birthday with a community event. This event included speakers from DPI, a local landowner and Resource GV who presented information on the occurrence and effects of salinity, biodiversity in the Muckatah Catchment, subsurface irrigation, and recycling. Eli the Emu also attended and everyone enjoyed an enormous birthday cake.
Current projects include:
The Peter Kennedy Reserve
The Muckatah Landcare group accepted to become Committee of Management of a 4.5-hectare remnant of Plains Grassy Woodland in 2003. The remnant is now known as the Peter Kennedy Reserve and over the past 2 years group have stock proofed the site, planted seedlings and carried out weed control in an effort to improve the condition of the Reserve and provide for the maximum diversity of native vegetation species. The Reserve has the potential to be enjoyed by the community and be utilized as a resource for educational purposes.
Boosey Creek frontage
The frontage of the Boosey Creek in Katamatite had little understorey so the group has been active in introducing these species.
Muckatah Katamatite Naringaningalook Local Area Plan
Members of the Muckatah Landcare group have been involved in the development of the Muckatah Katamatite Naringaningalook Local Area Plan. The LAP has given the group direction and has been an important tool in addressing roads, wetlands, drainage, and weeds.
Muckatah Depression Drain
The construction of the drain has improved the drainage on farms in the region.
Weed project
Muckatah Landcare together with the LAP have developed a project to manage priority weeds in the area. The project has been supported by the GB CMA through the second generation landcare grants program. Some of funds received are set aside to provide an incentive on the cost of spray used to control and manage sweet briar, blackberry, boxthorn and paterson's curse on private land. Other funds will be spent on education.
The group has a newsletter that is circulated throughout the region approx. three times a year. This reflects the dedication of certain members.
Our group is very family friendly and works well with school, scouting groups and well behaved pets. As the current president I cannot thank my fellow members enough for all of the dedication and effort they put in (we and they know who they are). What a wonderful group.