This project is live

A survey of the vegetation across the Granite Country by the Landcare Group produced a list of rare or threatened plants. To improve the numbers and distribution of these plants, the Group is establishing a network of Seed Orchards. Seed collected from the Seed Orchards will be used in revegetation projects.
Nulla Vale and Pyalong West Seed Orchard
The project’s objectives are to establish a site which: a) functions as a permanent seed orchard planted with shrubs and understorey plants indigenous to the local area, from which seeds can be harvested and banked for future generations; b) showcases the landscaping possibilities afforded by understorey plants; c) offers an aesthetically pleasing educational and recreational area for access by local community and interest groups.
Stage One Report
The first stage of the seed orchard project has been completed. Group members have: surveyed the site; marked plants for retention; sprayed and slashed weeds; cleared and reshaped drains; taken down derelict fences; removed rubbish; drawn up a preliminary site plan; created a wetland site; and set up links with local schools.
 Debris build up on creek
 Thistle crop
 Fence along roadside washed out 
On May 22 Pyalong Primary School’s Grade 5 and 6 students had their first site visit. The children undertook activities to familiarise them with the site as it is now, to learn about its past and future, and to learn about plant identification. 
  Anne talking to students
  Plant ID chart
 Walking through the improved site