The Strath Creek Landcare group comprises more than 60 families (about 110 members) mainly from Strath Creek and Flowerdale (although anyone is welcome to join or participate!). Throughout the year they are involved in a variety of activities including tree plantings, platypus and bird surveys, information sessions, field days to promote sustainable farming, weed and pest animal control and Clean Up Australia Day on both private property and public land. In addition the group is actively involved in an ongoing major project to fence off and revegetate the King Parrot Creek for the benefit of the endangered Macquarie Perch, and to create wildlife corridors throughout the catchment.
Activities are very social and inevitably finish with the consumption of good food and wine. So if you want to get your hands dirty, your feet wet or just want some good company in the majestic outdoors that is the “Valley of a Thousand Hills”, come along and join us. Contact details are on this website.