Birchip Stormwater Treatment Project completed

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The Birchip Stormwater Treament and Reuse project has been completed. The project will provide a cleaner source of water for reuse by the towns recreational facilties. The project also provides improved habitat for water dependant fauna in the Birchip area.

The Birchip Landcare and Birchip Lions Club project, Birchip Stormwater Treatment and Reuse project has now been completed. The project has seen the construction and refurbishment of wetlands, installation of concrete headwalls and rubbish traps ans silt traps to treat stormwater runoff from the town. The wetlands, silt traps and natural vegetation filters were built into the towns existing storm water runoff collection system to treat the water and remove pollution and contaminants and reduce erosion.

The wetlands also provide important habitat and refuge for water dependant fauna in dry times and in an area of reduced open water due to the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.