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Cactus & Boxthorn get the treatment in Waitchie.

Landcare groups tackle Boxthorn & Cactus in the Mallee
The Nyah West, Waitchie, Ultima and Swan Hill West Landcare groups have been
busy with environmental weed control programs in their respective areas.
Cactus & Boxthorn have been identified by these groups as a high priority problem in the Mallee and, in order to tackle this problem, the Landcare groups have prepared environmental action plans to highlight areas where Boxthorn & Cactus species currently and traditionally exist.
The groups applied for and received funding through the State Governments Second Generation Landcare Grants program to fund environmental works in these high-priority areas. The Second Generation Landcare Grants program is administered by the Mallee CMA with direction and advice from an advisory panel.
Note. The Fruit from Both Cactus & Boxthorn is a known host for Fruit fly.
Several issues had to be dealt with prior to the works commencing:
the Landcare group members marked the Cactus /Boxthorn with flagging tape to show the contractors exactly where the Cactus/ Boxthorn existEach area required cultural heritage approval before on ground works could commence And a vegetation overlay of each site was checked for significant or rare plants in the vicinity of the weed control workThe Landcare groups utilised the services of Mr Graham Teseler, Northern Victorian Pest & Weed Control, registered weed contractor from Swan Hill.
Mallee roadsides have been targeted along with areas of high conservation value for the weed control works program. By controlling Cactus & Boxthorn in vegetated areas such as roadsides, it improves both production inside the paddock for Mallee dryland farmers and also the flora and fauna values of the Mallee eco system.
The responsibility for roadside weeds continues to be the responsibility of the adjoining landholder, although moves are underway to change this through legislation. However, this legal process has been long and drawn out as many local councils are wary of taking on the high costs associated with handling the responsibility of roadside pest plants and pest animals.
The Prickly Boxthorns were cut at ground level and the Cut Stump surface was immediately treated with  a registered chemical.
The cactus was sprayed with a registered chemical. Some Cactus was injected with Roundup directly into the plant, using a Cactus Gun.
When the Winter arrives the landcare group members where the works have been conducted, will burn the waste foliage matter. They will also monitor these sites for any future re growth and treat them as required.
For more information contact Mallee CMA Landcare co-ordinator Malcolm Thompson on 50364828 or 0427 514378.