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Tree Planting Guide / “Deep Ripping”.        by Malcolm Thompson 50364828.
Soil Preparation and tree planting Guide. 
Plan your tree planting site well in advance of planting.
Make sure there are no water pipes, phone lines, optic fibre cables  in the ripping zone.
Dial before you dig is a free service that identifies underground services.   Phone no. 1100
Native trees should be spaced 4 metres apart with row spacing at 5 metres wide. ( Row spacings are to be wide enough to drive a ute with a watertank along, to water the seedlings. )
Deep rip your soil to a depth of approx   800 mm.  ( 3feet )  3 rip lines are preferable and then plant the seedlings into the middle row, rip line.
Deep ripping opens up the soil profile allowing valuable rain to enter the rip lines, pre planting.
This also allows the tree roots to establish quickly & search down the rip line for the moist soil.
Lightly cultivate over the rip line/ tree planting line prior to planting.
Plant & guard your seedlings, using 2 bamboo stakes and a milk carton.
Importantly, Water your seedlings immediately after planting.
Then, Weekly follow up watering is then required until the plant is established.
                ““ This watering program  is crucial for the seedlings to survive””
Monitor your tree plot for weed growth and remove weeds from the immediate tree area.
Monitor your plot for Rabbit /Hare invasion and spotlight / Shoot to control.
Go to 'Photo Album' to view picture of the  3 tyne Ripper, ripping to a depth of approx 3 foot.