This project is live

This project focuses on the 2km Wodonga - Yackandandah roadside walking track and reserve

Baranduda Landcare in conjunction with Baranduda CFA and Wodonga Council ran a free walk, talk and bbq activity on Sunday Oct 10 from 10-30 am to 12-30 pm to raise awareness of the high conservation value and fire management considerations for this special section of roadside
The activity was attended by about 35 people who thoroughly enjoyed the walk and bbq that followed. Many people expressed amazement at the richness and diversity of the local flora on both sides of the walking trail.
A series of 4 sets of photos taken by Neville Bartlett, Glen Johnson, Evelyn Florence and Tony Marsh of the day can be viewed in the following albums
Photo album 1
Photo album 2
Photo album 3
Photo album 4
Video of Cootamundra Wattle control