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The Bethanga Creek is a tributary of the Murray River (Lake Hume). As this water flows into a major drinking source, the Bethanga Creek has been identified within the group as a significant environmental target area. The Bethanga Creek has a heavy infestation of woody weeds and area’s in need of erosion control. Sections of the creek are grazed, with stock having access to the creek bed. Located within the Bethanga Creek catchment area are the remnants of the gold and copper mining industry. Having identified these environmental issues, Bethanga Landcare Group see the need to address and rectify the health of Bethanga Creek.
In 1995 and 1996 Bethanga Landcare Group fenced and revegetated some of Bethanga Creek in an attempt to control erosion and reduce nutrient levels. The ultimate intention was to create a wildlife corridor from the creeks headwaters to Lake Hume.
In February 2005 Bethanga Landcare applied for funding with North East Catchment Management Authority for the 2005-2006 North East Regional Catchment Investment Plan (appendix 1.1). Funding was officially granted in October 2005 with the project commencing on approval notification.