This project is live

A number of demonstration sites are planned in 2010 and 2011.The farmer managed sites will be set up in Murmungee - Whorouly, King Valley and at Byawatha.

It is planned that there be a number of visits to the trial sites through the growing season. This will enable you to see the results of any treatments that occur in the paddock
Murmungee - Whorouly
The Murmungee - Whorouly sites will focus on
intensive rotational
grazing at the farm of Dan Taylor different seed mixes with different sowing strategies will be trialed by Ron Fergusson Denise Rae will trial a two
year process with cereal in 2010 and phalaris sown in 2011different ways to sow the fodder crop rye corn will  be trialled by Judy and Chris Griffith.
Some of the  trial sites in the King Valley are not finalized.  It is hoped there will be a  perennial pasture  variety trial.
However, there will be a comparison of summer perennials and winter perennials  on the farm of Bob Simson.
There will also be a demonstration of a  two year phalaris sowing demonstation with a focus on weed control in the first year.
Techniques to improve the density and production from a run down phalaris paddock will be demontrated also
The trial sites at Tony Ransoms will focus on different  phalaris varieties.  Annual weed control  techniques for barley grass will be trialed also.