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Dung Beetles - underground army, enriching soils. Through support from the Regional Landcare Facilitators, there are now two videos on the benefits of Dung Beetles. These feature Chips Boucher and Belinda Pearce.
Dung Beetles - Underground army, enriching soils provide a short introduction to the benefits of Dung Beetles to farming.  
Dung Beetles are fascinating insects, working tirelessly to bury dung around the country.  As soon as you begin to understand the importance of these little creatures as one of nature's greatest recyclers, you will never look at a pile of dung the same way.
This video gives a brief overview of the benefits of dung beetles to soil fertility and structure, and farm production. There are two versions, a 2 minute overview, and a more detailed 7 minute version.
The videos feature Chips Boucher from Lucyvale, winner of the 2013 Victorian Sustainable Farmer Award for the North East. Chips has been involved in a number of Dung Beetle projects, and continues to undertake a wide range of further trials of the impact of Dung Beetles.
Also featured is Belinda Pearce, who managed both the Lucyvale Better Beef Group Dung Beetle Project and the Doing it With Dung, from the Mountains to the Murray project.
Summary Video - 2 minutes

Full Video, 7 minutes.

Our thanks to the North East Regional Landcare Facilitator Project for putting these together.