This group was formed in 1988, from an existing Farm Trees Group. The group covers the areas around Springhurst, Eldorado and Carraragarmungee, with the area comprises fertile riverine plains, undulating hills and rocky granite outcrops. Never densely treed, the area has been largely cleared of trees.The Springhurst Byawatha Hills Landcare Group is concerned with the land degradation problems of erosion, loss of vegetation, dryland salinity, acidity, poor water quality and rabbit, fox and weed infestation. 
To address the pest problem, the group employs a part-time coordinator, who organises coordinated control programs and is also a contact within and outside the group.
The group has been involved in many projects including Rabbit Buster, pasture trials, St John's Wort, Paterson's Curse district campaigns, revegetation trials, field days, salinity revegetation and perennial pasture sowings, tree planting and agro-forestry, Heartlands program, Sustainable Grazing Systems group, Prograze, Environmental Management Systems group, Fox and rabbit poisoning campaigns, Rural City of Wangaratta roadside weed strategy works, tree nursery, firewood plantations and the publication of 'Farm Management and Native Plant Guide.
Several families have been awarded regional and state awards, covering rabbit free status, primary production, weed busters and sustainable agricutlture.
The focus of the the group was defined and strengthened by the development of a Local Area Plan in 2002.  Current projects include ongoing rabbit, fox and weed control, perennial pasture and revegetation, maintaining and increasing membership, Self Drive Eco Tour, and participation in wide scale fox control projects.
We have some equipment available for hire to members including boom spray, ute pack spray, seeder and tree planting equipment.  We offier discounts to members for poisoning programs and on weed control programs.