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Remnant Vegetation
Whilst many of our efforts have been directed towards already degraded land we are careful to maintain an interest in preservation of the natural flora and fauna. The Long Point Flora Reserve is an example of our interest.
Much of the land today has been cleared for farming or pine tree growing leaving little of our native bush remaining, and so this crown block of some 3 ha located on the North East cnr of the Gillies and Creswick/Ascot Rds. intersection, opposite the old Long Point tip is very important not only for it's flora but also it's heritage
Despite a history of soil disturbance by 19th century Chinese mining, clay and gravel extraction, dumping of rubbish and general abuse by man, growing there is an association of tree species not found elsewhere in the Ballarat region as far as we can ascertain. The species include Yellow Box, Casuarina littoralis, Candlebark, tree form of Banksia Marginata, Blackwood, Prickly Acacia, She Oak, Small Grass Tree and a wide range of ground flora. In fact the Casuarinas are at or close to their north western limit in western Vic. and the Banksias are severely depleted over most of their former range. Of particular note is the way the Banksias are regenerating naturally even though uncontrolled furze and rogue pinesare threatening the site.
The Botany Dept.of Latrobe University regards the site of regional importance warranting protection of the species found there. The soil is rough at best with a high % of quartz and clay and only a shallow overlay of scattered humus.A Flora and Fauna study was completed by Ballarat University College in 1991 and in 1995 and funds were obtained to purchase materials so that an environmentally friendly perimeter fence could be erected to prevent vehicular access together with appropriate signs to highlight the significance of the area and some of it's local history.