This project is live

Seven diverse environmental and agricultural projects in local communities around the Goldfields region will benefit from close to $180,000 in funding, thanks to a new partnership between RACV and Landcare Australia.
Predicting outcomes that will benefit the local environment and local communities, the projects will result in improved biodiversity, the creation of habitat for wildlife, improved water quality, education for local students, and the eradication of many hectares of invasive weeds.
4 of the groups are members of the consortium and they were assisted by the landcare facilitator funded by the Andrews government for the Victorian Landcare Facilitator program to provide Landcare facilitation support until June 2019.

Bald Hills-Creswick Landcare Group
This community group has been eradicating weeds and planting native trees in the area for over 25 years. The group will undertake a project at Park Lake Botanical Reserve to help restore it to its former glory. Local community groups will be involved in the work which will include clearing weeds and lining walking trails with native flora

Blampied-Kooroocheang Landcare Group
Farmers and landholders work together in this group which has been active since 1988. Pest plant species will be actively controlled, including gorse, blackberry and boxthorn, and indigenous plants used to revegetate, including yarra gum, tree violet and silver banksia.

Friends of Cornish Hill
Working on the restoration of Cornish Hill, this group will undertake three projects involving and educating local students, providing hands on experience with native animals and taking part in a ‘River Detectives’ program.

Wattle Flat-Pootilla Landcare Group
Visitors to Creswick Forest will benefit from this project, which involves restoration works to Slaty Creek Picnic Ground and the Great Dividing Trail walk. Signed pathways, fencing and BBQs will be installed, weeds will be removed, and a number of native trees planted