This project has finished

This project started on 1 Jan 2015 and finished 31 Dec 2015

A key focus of the Group over many years has been the enhancement of vegetation along the Axe Creek with the Longlea Recreation Reserve.
In May 2015, Longlea and District Landcare Group held another successful environmental activity installing nest boxes at Longlea Recreation Reserve along Axe Creek. Nest boxes are a great way to encourage wild-life to a bushland setting or even your garden. Many of our native wildlife species are hollow dependant and providing nest boxes adds a vital location to breed, socialise and escape predators.  
The nest boxes were purchased through a Communities for Nature Landcare Grant the group was successful in receiving. Other aspects of this grant include weed control and revegetation activities along Axe Creek. More revegetation will occur during July and another order of nest boxes will be installed later in the year. Weed control is a constant process and occurs throughout the year to ensure weed species are controlled at the appropriate time of the year.  
The Longlea and District Landcare Group has provided new homes for an array of species including but not limited to Pardalotes, micro bats, Sugar Gliders, Tuans (or Brush-tailed Phascogale) and an array of Parrots. Boxes of different dimensions and entrance sizes can be specifically made to target certain species. Many areas along Axe Creek and throughout the local area have lost a lot of habitat through vegetation removal. Large old trees are of particular importance as they usually have the best diversity of hollow sizes. A combination of trees of all ages creates a healthier ecosystem; even a dead tree provides vital habitat in a landscape.
Installing nest boxes should be implemented with minimal impact on the chosen tree. Nest boxes can be easily built at home with the right type of timber to ensure the box will last for many years. Our Landcare Group purchased the nest boxes from Wildlife Nest Boxes, a local Bendigo business. They are purpose built from Australian grown pine plyboard and cover local native animals of all shapes and sizes. Check out the website: to work out what species you would like to encourage to your garden.