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Fencing off a rare stand of Bulokes (allocasuarina luehmanni)

Allocasuarina luehmanni, more commonly known as Buloke, was once very common throughout our area and large parts of northern Victoria. Unfortunately, very few sustainable remnants of this distinctive and beautiful tree survive and there are only, at most, half a dozen small pockets left in the Muckleford valley. 
In the last month Muckleford Landcare has facilitated the protection of a small, isolated stand near the Muckleford railway station. Andrew Chapman, the owner of the property on which the trees still survive, has generously agreed to the fencing of the trees in order to protect them from stock damage. The Catchment Management Authority provided fencing materials and a Green Corps team built the fence.
The area protected is small (1/2 hectare) but the long-term benefits could well be significant. The surviving trees will now be guaranteed an extended life, they will be able to regenerate themselves and, most important of all, this small remnant may well provide an on-going seed bank which we can utilize to promote the revival of the local species.
Muckleford Landcare would like to thank all those who made this small but important project possible, in particular Andrew Chapman for the release of the land. The site is on the east side of the Muckleford-Walmer Road a little south of the railway crossing.