This project is live

Funding was obtained in 2009 to undertake a biolink revegetation project in Creasys Road, Muckleford.

The planting site was selected to improve links between Chinaman Creek, roadside vegetation in Turners Lane (extending to the Railway Reserve) and the State Forest to the southwest.  The project encompasses a roadside reserve and is within or adjoins four private properties.  The site contains a shallow dam that attracts water birds.
Although some plant species selected are not specific to this area, the purpose of the planting is not to restore the original vegetation communities but to rehabilitate this degraded area by using a range of perennial species that will improve habitat variety and quality.  The corridor is 30 metres wide and the dense plantings will also benefit the area aesthetically.  The total planting area is 2.3ha.
The plant list concentrates on understorey species with a small percentage of trees.  Plantings will be as naturalistic as possible by planting the species as individuals and in small groups within sinuous prepared beds.  Species distribution is also determined by the soil conditions which vary from shallow / dry to deeper / wet soils near the creek, existing dam and drainage areas.

Planting beds were prepared with a Yeomans plough to open subsoil and the surface cultivated by rotary hoe in one pass.  Rabbit warrens have been ripped and are being monitored for any ongoing activity.  The major weeds (Blackberry and St Johns Wort) were sprayed at the start of 2009.  An infestation of Two-leaf Cape Tulip in one property is being managed by excluding stock and establishing competitive perennial vegetation, since herbicide control requires several years of treatment to reduce the number of cormils in the soil.  The outcomes of this approach will be monitored.