This project is live

This project started on 1 Nov 2017

Sightings of sugar gliders at a Huntly Bush Kinder session started a discussion that lead to this project - a perfect example of what our group loves to do; community collaboration, junior landcare and cross generational learning.
Bendigo Menshed prepared materials and in one day of inspiring environmental action, 60 bird and mammal nest boxes were built by Huntly PS, Epsom PS and Huntly Kinder students supported by Landcare members and kinder families and mentored by Menshed volunteers.
A community workshop was held to raise awareness of hollow-dwelling native fauna and threats to their habitat. After assessing Expressions Of Interest, all 60 nest boxes have been installed in public places and private property throughout our area.
Nest boxes will enjoy participating in citizen science by making observations of activity in and around their nest box and the boxes will be monitored twice annually by Landcare members with results shared with the community.

Participants are reminded that they can join our Facebook group to share observations and photos of nest box activity and to contact NBLG if there is a problem with their nest box.

For gorgeous footage of sugar gliders inside a nest box see