This project is live

This project started on 8 May 2016

Trees for Mum is a free national event inviting children of all ages to celebrate their mum and the beauty of life, by planting a tree in her honour.

The Trees for Mum program, which started as a small event in 2002 has grown into a national occasion with participants around Australia planting trees on Mother’s Day.

We have held Trees For Mum events since 2016 encouraging the community to come along to plant a tree as a living memorial to Mums who are not with us anymore or bring their Mum along and plant a tree together.

It is one of our favourite events and highly appreciated by those who participate. In 2021 we added High Tea to our event and it was so beautiful it is sure to remain a feature of Trees For Mum events moving forward.

Fifteen Trees donate indigenous plants each year for this event through sponsorship by GJ Gardener Homes Bendigo.