A Group of Ravenswood Valley Residents interested in improving the Region. The R.V.L.G. was formed in 1992 in response to the burgeoning problems associated with rabbit numbers and an increase in the amount of Paterson's Curse. 
The main areas the R.V.L.G. has been active in are: 
- Management of Paterson's Curse using both chemical and biological control methods.
- Management of rabbits by warren destruction poisoning and fumigation programs.
- Increasing native vegetation by propagating and planting native trees and direct seeding.
- Monitoring salinity of ground water bores.

Geographical Area of Interest

Ravenswood Range from Bendigo to Harcourt.
Bullock Creek and Buckeye Creek and its tributaries.
Ravenswood Valley is geographically located around the Calder and Alternate Calder Highways. The Buckeye and Bullock Creeks flow through the area.

We currently meet once a year.