Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek (FOLKC) was incorporated in April 2001 and held its first planting on 3rd June 2001. At this planting FOLKC had 201 volunteers attend, including twenty children and two dogs. The strength of FOLKC is that its membership involves all ages.

Over the past four years, some 800 volunteers from many diverse cultural and industrial organisations have joined with FOLKC in planting in excess of 20,000 trees, shrubs and under-story plants along the creek between the Westgate Freeway and McArthurs Road. This area has been transformed from an unkempt and hazardous drainage reserve to a remarkable walking track. A walk along this corridor of green is recommended.
Join Us!
FOLKC also extends an invitation to interested people to join the group and
participate in the many facets of running the organisation. Whether as an
interested community member receiving our newsletter, as an active participant
in planting indigenous species along the Kororoit Creek or as a fully fledged
member participating in the planning decisions being made by FOLKC, your
contribution would be very much appreciated.