FotG Newsletter November 2016


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Newsletter, November 2016


Next Working Bee ( see the Tiger Orchids)

Saturday 12 November, 9am to 12 Noon followed by a sausage sizzle.

The Grange Heathland, Osborne Ave, Clayton South.

Wedding Bush Festival, October 8

Our meeting last month was our annual open day and showpiece, the Wedding Bush Festival. The weather was fine, the reserve looked great and the white flowers came out to play. The Ricinocapos and its co-star tea-trees (Leptospermum myrsinoides and continentale ) massed to make a great show. The yellow and red pea-flowers Bossiaea cinererea put in their strongest blooming performance in memory and other peas, platylobium and dillwynia, sprang back up. Prickly acacia bushes added their  own yellow highlights.

Hibbertias sericea and prostrata were golden greats, particularly in places that have been burnt in recent years. Greenhood orchids were still flowering, including the unexpected Tall greenhood, which gave us the chance to reveal it to new visitors.

Sundews were flowering on the hakea track and the Milkmaids, Burchardia umbellate, were showingtheir pretty faces. Xanthorroea minor had begun to spike. Tiger orchids Diurius sulpherea, had begun to push up flower stalks and now in November have orchestrated their best display in decades. One good reason to visit the Grange soon.

The only disappointment was that the number of visitors was down on past years. 25 people signed in. Promotion and advertising remained the same and we had a paid advert on Facebook which promised much and delivered little. Over the past couple of years an association with Seniors week delivered the majority of attendees but not this year. Getting numbers to the open day and working bees remains a major problem.

The response on the day was excellent. Numerous people said they were impressed, had no idea that the place existed and is it open every day? (YES)

The Kingston Bush crew put in extra effort in the weeks leading up to the day and we are ever grateful for the dedication and passion they give to the Grange.

Matt led the first tour of the morning, Lee followed with another group soon after and later visitors received some individual and impromptu attention. Steph took photos on the Friday before and handed out printed sheets to carry on the walks.

Thanks to Peter who cooked the barbecue, including his signature caramelized onion. Thelma, Theresa and Gloria spent the morning at the meet and greet table.

We had indigenous plants to give away and some of these ended up at Bald Hill park, which feels better than simply returning them to Greenlink Sandbelt nursery.

Thank you all who attended, hope you enjoyed the day and we look forward to another successful day next year.   

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