Testing farm dams with eDNA

This project has finished

This project started on 30 Jun 2018 and finished 30 Jun 2019

Project description

Jindivick Landcare has been an active partner with enviroDNA & Neerim District Landcare Group to co-deliver a grant to monitor farm dams for biodiversity through eDNA sampling. This project was a huge success and raised the profile of our group in the community.

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Key contact

Helen Barclay
Managing Director

This project is part of

Jindivick Landcare Group

Funded by

Landcare Austrlalia

Project learnings

Birds made up the majority of the wildlife count, with 27 different species. There were also 13 mammal species including the platypus and the Australian water rat, even the southeastern free tailed bat and a sugar glider.

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