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This project started on 1 Oct 2018 and finished 1 Jul 2019

A serious invasive weed is taking hold on the Peninsula
Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group (MCCLG) advise landholders to watch out for Karamu (Coprosma robusta), an invasive weed that is rapidly establishing across the Mornington Peninsula hinterland, appearing in gardens, along roadsides and in remnant bushland. This New Zealand weed is closely related to the shiny-leaved Mirror Bush, but is proving to be an even more threatening species because of its capacity establish almost impenetrable thickets. 
We are conducting a major Karamu eradication program along Meakins Road, Flinders, where a serious infestation has occurred. Secretary Bernie Schedvin notes that “this will take concerted effort by MCCLCG and local landowners and residents over a period of years” and warns that “the consequences of inaction are likely to be disastrous for the region".
MCCLG is seeking the support of landholders to map the spread of Karamu to help with control; and eradication efforts.  If you believe that you have Karamu please contact our Secretary, Bernie Schedvin via email or phone 5989 6408). We are happy to assist with identification and advisin on appropriate control methods.
If we are alert and take coordinated action we may be able to stop this weed spreading further and even more disastrously through precious remnant bushland in this catchment and across the Peninsula.
 Update December 2015
Action has commenced!
Working with the Peninsula Shire's Natural Systems Team, MCCLG members have recorded the existing flora and fauna in three sites plus a control; with photo points for an ongoing record. A forestry mulcher followed to remove small, dense karamu patches on Meakins Rd. What remains is barren and raw - clearly illustrating the capacity of karamu to choke out all other vegetation. Further work is to occur with more mulching, hand weeding of inaccessible plants or new growth, and encouraging regeneration of indigenous plants.
Breaking news is that we have been successful with a major grant from the Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority to continue the work. Watch this space.
Please join us in the volunteer effort to help control and manage this dangerous weed.