This project has finished

This project started on 1 Jul 2016 and finished 30 Jun 2017

This pilot project created by Montrose Upper Landcare Group (MULGa) supported by Yarra Ranges Council through its Ribbons of Green program provides a novel and, we hope, compelling incentive for households within our zone in Upper Montrose on the northern/north-western slope of the Dandenong ranges to ‘trade in’ the weed species on their properties for the reward of receiving a free package of 500 locally indigenous species to plant in their place.

The reward of this classic redemption offer is intended to counter the inertia we face with many households who have not worked with us in the past and have either not felt compelled to remove weed species on their property or found it too hard. Thus, we hope to build a bridge to members of our community who have not been engaged in this process previously and access caches of weed species protected against trespass.

As a pilot program for a group that is rebuilding its numbers, expertise and confidence under a refreshed and cohesive leadership, initially, we want to entice just four of the 80 households in our zone to take up the offer. Whilst this may seem a modest target (with a commensurate budget) if successful, Weedemption could be rolled out in further stages to other households within our zone, as well as shared with other groups in the Dandenong Ranges, as further collaboration.

Applications for homeowners closes on 31 October 2016.