This project is live

Landcare Facilitator Jacqui Salter and MPLN Secretary Bernie Schedvin have developed a puppet show based on the importance of providing habitat for our native animals. It was developed with the goals of entertaining children and conveying some important ecological concepts. Responses from children have been fascinating. Whilst nearly all children knew koalas and wombats were native, some thought foxes were native too. Some children were able to describe the concepts of habitat and indigenous better than most adults! By the end of the show, most children knew that planting indigenous vegetation, keeping old trees and logs and installing nestboxes are some ways of providing habitat. The puppet show has been performed for children at a school, a kindergarten and a district show. Each time, we have been impressed by children’s strong connection with nature and with their inherent sense of right and wrong. Jacqui said "It gave me such a deep sense of satisfaction to hear them giggling away and interacting with the puppets, knowing that they will go home with a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting our natural areas and the animals that exist within them".