This project is live

Blackberry is a noxious weed that is a major threat to both agricultural production and the natural environment. Immediate action is imperative to achieve the community’s desire for long term, permanent control of this plant in the Steels Creek /Yarra Glen area.
NYBAG is a community based group supported by the Victorian Government through the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce and the Federal Government's Biodiversity Fund.
The aim of the NYBAG program is to reduce the growth and spread of blackberry on private land and on public/private land boundaries.  By working together, land owners and government agencies are working towards controlling blackberry through a variety of appropriate control methods.
To achieve this we are seeking landowner cooperation to help us identify infestations in our area, to let us know if you have a successful control program on your property or to discuss difficulties you may have. The program features a number of ways to support community action to control blackberry.To all members who have been active in tackling blackberry in the past, we applaud your efforts, ask you to remain vigilant and look forward to your continuing support.
If you have any questions or queries about the program, please do not hesitate to send us a message.