The Watson Creek Catchment Group (WCCG) seeks to improve the water quality of the Watson Creek through engaging local landholders in sustainable land management practices which include weed control and the planting of indigenous trees along the Creek. 
By joining the WCCG landholders will learn more about their local environment and appreciate the significance of the Watson Creek which rises in Frankston South and runs through Baxter and Somerville before entering Westernport Bay at the Yaringa Marine Park.  The Marine Park is home to internationally significant mangrove communities, some of Victoria?s most extensive saltmarsh habitats and highly significant seagrass and mudflat communities which rely on water quality.  Westernport Bay is also a RAMSAR-listed wetland which provides important food and habitat for migratory birds.  
Members of WCCG learn about pesticide/fertiliser use, appropriate fencing, the use of native vegetation to assist in increased farm production and utilise funding opportunities for the improvement of their land and the water quality in the Watson Creek. 
By joining the WCCG landholders can help restore catchment reserves vital to biodiversity and meet other community members interested in the best environmental outcome for their land, the Watson Creek and for native flora and fauna.
Meetings are held at 7pm on the 2nd Thursday of even months, usually in a member's home.  Visitors are welcome.