Friends of Westgate Park group is made up of enthusiastic people, passionate about Westgate Park and the natural environment.
Our vision is to transform the Park into a bushland setting for locally indigenous plants and animals, a place where visitors can appreciate richly diverse, natural ecosystems in a beautiful landscape.

Through direct experience, we aim to share our knowledge about the value and importance of the species that thrived in inner Melbourne before European settlement and to encourage their protection and adoption in gardens and parks elsewhere.

So far, we have planted around 260,000 plants in nine distinct vegetation areas, we are cultivating rare and endangered species, propagating most of what is planted and sharing and improving seed stocks with other groups. In 2010 we won the prestigious Urban Landcare Award for our work.

We are partnering with business to improve lake and wetland water quality, engaging with employment agencies and schools to teach young people about horticulture and working with corporations to provide staff with the experience of working in the Park.

Our aim is to engage people of all ages and backgrounds to join us in volunteering their time and effort to achieve our vision and to enjoy, as we do, this remarkable park.