The Binginwarri Landcare Group was initially started in 1987. It was then known as Binginwarri Ragwort and Landcare Group. Following a hiatus,
the group was rejuvenated in early 2010 under the name Binginwarri Landcare Group (BLG) due to the strenuous efforts of Kaye Proudley. Our group is a voluntary organisation run by volunteers to undertake action and activities to maintain and protect the land and native flora around us to enable it to be used by people, animals, birds, insects, etc. in the present and in the future. These activities are undertaken on both public and private land generally without external funding. Donations of materials and services, such as tree seedlings, are available through state and local government bodies and private foundations. Our activities include tree planting, bird and other fauna observation, weed and pest control, plant identification workshops and sharing of knowledge about our area so it can be maintained and enjoyed by all.