This project is live

Within the Landcare group, there are different types of Landcare activities available to members.

Some Landcare members have created shelter belts for stock for protection from the sun, wind and rain; conservation areas to protect remnant vegetation; wildlife habitat by fencing and planting around dams; wild life corridors linking remnant vegetation; willow removal along waterways; projects focused on stabilising erosion on steep slopes & planting out steep gullies.

Landcare members work together to determine what they want to achieve on their own property in regards to a Landcare project. Then the Committee try to access any advertised Government funds to help subsidize the members project. The availability of funding is dependent on the success of the application made by the Committee.

Annual Farm Walk
Each year in February Landcare has an Annual Farm Walk. This is an opportunity for members to share with each other what Landcare projects they have undertaken on their property. This event also has a social element where members share lunch and can talk with other members about their achievements.