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In a community survey in 2013, weeds were identified to be one of the most significant issues for property owners in the local area. After nearly a decade of dry weather followed by a few years of high rainfall weeds have become prevalent across the district. Some weeds found in the Mt Worth area on roadsides and private properties include: ragwort, blackberries, ivy, blue periwinkle, hawthorn bushes and holly.  
Weed management is everyone's business in the Mt Worth district. The responsibility for weed management on public and   private lands rests with property owners, including Hancocks Victorian Plantations (HVP), Baw Baw Shire, Mt Worth State Park, Vicroads and the Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI).
Property owners have the responsibility to tackle weeds on their own properties.   The Baw Baw Shire have a responsibility to manage weeds on roadsides and Vicroads have similar responsibility on the Warragul-Korumburra Road. (DEPI) also have a role in weed management and enforcement of relevant legislation across the area.
In 2013, Landcare have worked with the Baw Baw Shire to develop weed signs to be displayed around our community to remind property owners their responsibilities in relation to ragwort, thistles and blackberries. These signs will be moved around the Mt Worth area to keep the issue visible. Weed booklets were distributed throughout the district in September 2014 to assist property owners with the identification of weeds.
In January 2015, HVP committed resources to spraying additional roadsides areas and Seaview school site area as their company's  community contribution to Landcare and the local community. Baw Baw Shire continued to spray roadsides in the area and work with Landcare around weed management. In some properties helicopter spraying services and on the ground contractors have been engaged to assist in weed management. 
If you have any issues in relation to weeds contact:

DEPI Weeds Officer (56629900) or

Baw Baw Shire (56242411)