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Friends of the Yarrowee

The Friends of the Yarrowee River is a community group that aims to work actively to restore and protect the...

Friends of Tozers Reserve

Over 100 species of native flora have regenerated in this 20 hectare Plains Grassy Woodland and Swampy Scrub.

Mornington Peninsula Intrepid Landcare

Mornington Peninsula Intrepid Landcare is a dynamic group of 18-35 year olds supporting the next generation of environmental warriors dedicated...

Mount Alexander region Intrepid Landcare

Based in and around the Mount Alexander shire area, we're a bunch of 18-35 year olds that got together under...

North East Melbourne Intrepid Landcare Group

North East Melbourne Intrepid Landcare empowers young people to better care for their local environment.

Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc.

Our group was established in 2005 to restore the biodiversity values of the Portland Cliffs.

Western Port Intrepid Landcare Group

Westernport Intrepid Landcare provides a space for young adults to be empowered and connect to the environment, to share an...

Westernport Swamp Landcare Group

Our group was established in 1999 for the war on Spear Thistle which had spread from Tooradin to Lang Lang...

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