Victorian Landcare Magazine - Spring 2017, Issue 70

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p24 BaldHill hero

Above The current Victorian Landcare Gateway homepage photograph by Sandy Scheltema. This image shows William Terry, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, and Carolyn Robb, President Friends of Bald Hill Reserve, walking in Bald Hill Reserve near Kyneton.

Competition for a Victorian Landcare Gateway homepage photograph

The Victorian Landcare Program at DELWP is running a competition for a great Landcare photograph to feature on the Victorian Landcare Gateway homepage. The photograph should showcase an aspect of community Landcare in Victoria, and ideally feature people. The winning submission will feature as the Gateway homepage header for 12 months, from early 2018.

Photographs will be credited to the photographer. DELWP reserves the right to use any photographs submitted for departmental communications purposes.

Photographs should be submitted in the following format:

  • Landscape orientation, with an aspect of roughly 1:2. This means the width should be approximately double the height. For example, a photograph that is 2300 pixels wide will be around 1150 pixels high.
  • High-resolution. Submit your largest, original file. There’s no need to resize or edit your photograph.
  • Keep the edges of the photograph clear. The photograph may need to be cropped when resized, so make sure people or objects are not too close to the edge.
  • The focus of the photograph should be to the right of the frame as the left will be covered by text. If there are people in the photograph make sure they are at the right of the frame and that the left is clear of people.
  • Be aware that too much detail will make the header text, Landcare brings people together, harder to read.
  • Make sure the photograph isn’t too dark, or too light.
  • Obtain the permission of anyone who is recognisable in the photograph. Photograph consent forms are available by emailing us (see below).

The winner will receive a $250 voucher from Officeworks or Readings Books. 

For further information, to submit your entries or for photograph consent forms email

Include your name, contact details and a brief description of the photograph including where it was taken and who is in the photograph. The competition closes 31 January 2018.

Next issue

The next issue of the magazine, to be published in Summer 2018, will feature stories about water. This issue is already fully subscribed. The Winter 2018 issue will feature stories about Landcare and research. If your group has a story to tell about research – from small scale local projects to landscape scale research, we would like to hear from you.

Our readers are keen to learn about the successes of different projects, as well as what hasn’t worked, and the insights and reflections of your group or network along the way. Please contact the editor with your story ideas.

Contributions to the Landcare and research issue should be sent to the editor by Thursday 29 March 2018.

Carrie Tiffany, editor
Victorian Landcare and Catchment Management Magazine


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