Victorian Landcare Magazine - Spring 2021, Issue 82

Minister's Foreword

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Min DAmbrosio 2019

I was deeply honoured to be part of the 2021 Victorian Landcare Awards ceremony.

The awards acknowledge the enormous contributions made by dedicated volunteers, farmers, community groups, schools and organisations right across Victoria to protect and enhance our environment and to make our agriculture sector more sustainable for the years and decades ahead.

That work is more important now than ever as Victorians work together to minimise the impacts of climate change.

The spirit of volunteering and work ethic displayed by everyone nominated for these awards, and everyone who is involved with Landcare and environmental volunteering, is truly inspirational. Thank you for the amazing contributions that you are making for our communities and our state.

I would also like to thank the people that took the time to nominate the people who we celebrated at the ceremony and in this feature issue of the magazine, for valuing the work that these highly motivated people are doing, each and every day.

Thanks also to the judging panels for all the award categories. Each of you has given your time to carefully assess and weigh up the virtues of each nomination, and that was no easy task this year. 

Landcare is a landmark organisation in environmental volunteering, an example of how enthusiasm and community spirit can achieve great things.

It’s highly appropriate that we celebrate the Victorian Landcare Awards in November. This month, it is 35 years since Landcare started in Victoria before going on to become a national movement.

It’s also the 25-year anniversary of this magazine, which has been an important place for Victorians to tell their stories.

Landcare’s work over the years has improved our environment, and it’s an investment in Victoria’s and Australia’s future.

Landcare embodies that environmental adage, “Think global, act local”.

Thank you to all our Landcare and environmental volunteers, for answering that call to action.

The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio              
Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change
Minister for Solar Homes



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