Victorian Landcare Magazine - Summer 2017, Issue 68

Next Issue (no. 69) Victorian Landcare Magazine - Climate Change Feature

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Climate change

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The next issue (no. 69) of the Victorian Landcare magazine will feature stories about climate change.

We are seeking stories about how Landcare groups and networks are monitoring, planning for and responding to the changing climate. Our readers are keen to learn about the success of different projects, as well as what hasn’t worked and the insights and reflections of groups and networks along the way. Please contact the editor with your story ideas.

Contributions to the next issue should be sent to the editor by Friday 3 March 2017.


Carrie Tiffany, editor

Victorian Landcare and Catchment Management Magazine



Take2 for climate change

To share the efforts your group or network is making towards sustainability join the Victorian Government’s collective for climate change action. Take2 for climate change is a platform for sharing and inspiration.

Go to to sign up.



Explore other articles about

Climate change