Victorian Landcare Magazine - Summer 2023-24, Issue 86

Vale Horrie Poussard

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Above Wendy and Horrie Poussard celebrating the 30-year anniversary of Landcare in Melbourne.

Landcare lost one of its founders and advocates with the death of Horrie Poussard in late December 2022.

After studying agricultural science and advisory extension at the University of Melbourne, Horrie worked in soil conservation and catchment management. In 1986 he helped to develop the Landcare program in Victoria, working alongside Bob Edgar and under the direction of the late Premier Joan Kirner, (then Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands) and the late Heather Mitchell, (then President of the Victorian Farmers Federation) as the initial co-chairs of the Landcare program.

Horrie was Victoria’s first Landcare executive officer. He formed training groups and created incentive grants and educational materials. He oversaw the formation of the first 50 Landcare groups in Victoria and maintained a close interest in Landcare for the rest of his life.

After helping to establish Landcare Horrie went on to hold senior policy roles within the Victorian Government and also lived and worked in Asia and the Pacific alongside his wife Wendy Poussard on environmental and community development projects.

In 2008 Horrie was one of the founders of Australian Landcare International, a non-government organisation that advised and supported rural community projects overseas. Horrie served as both secretary and treasurer for many years, establishing the overseas travel fund and publishing many newsletters. His interest in encouraging sustainable food production and resource conservation in developing countries never waned.

In 2021 Horrie was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for service to conservation and the environment.

Horrie and Wendy’s most recent contribution to the magazine – a report on the North Central Regional Landcare Forum in Issue 71, Summer 2018 – is available on the Landcare Gateway at This LVI regional forum had the theme ‘Sharing the Landcare story’.

Horrie was a good listener and a great collaborator with a strong belief in grass roots community action. His wisdom and values helped to shape Landcare and will ensure its continued growth and success into the future. He will be remembered and missed.

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