Victorian Landcare Magazine - Winter 2019, Issue 75

2019 Victorian Landcare Awards

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The 2019 Victorian Landcare Awards are now open for entries. The awards are an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the great work done by individuals, groups and networks to enhance, restore or protect our natural environment, and improve agricultural productivity.

If you or your group or network are involved in protecting or improving your local environment, farm, coastline, bushland, wetland, waterway, school, region or urban area, there is a Landcare awards category to suit you.

There are nine National Landcare Award categories. The winners will represent Victoria at the 2020 National Landcare Awards.   

National Landcare Award categories:

• Individual Landcarer

• Innovation in Agriculture Land Management

• Landcare Farming

• Partnerships for Landcare

• Coastcare

• Junior Landcare Team

• Young Landcare Leadership

• Indigenous Land Management

• Landcare Community Group

The six Victorian Landcare award categories:  

• Joan Kirner Landcare Award

• Landcare Network Award

• Urban Landcare Award

• Dr Sidney Plowman Travel and Study Award

• Heather Mitchell Memorial Fellowship

• Environmental Volunteer Award

A new Environmental Volunteer Award
has been introduced this year. This award will showcase and promote the activities of Victorian environmental volunteer groups or individuals who work on either public or private land, and who have engaged community members who are not typically involved or engaged in environmental volunteering. 

Winners of past awards have commented that winning a Landcare award has provided a welcome fillip for their group/network, and in some cases the award has enabled them to access other sources of funding, such as corporate sponsorship for Landcare projects.

The next edition of the magazine, to be published in spring, will feature stories on the winners of the 2019 Victorian Landcare Awards. 

Entries for the 2019 Victorian Landcare Awards close on 11 July 2019.

For selection criteria, entry guidelines, the Landcare awards terms and conditions, and to access the online application form for each awards category, go to


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Awards & recognition