Being Investor Ready Handbook

Develop the skills to source funding from non-traditional sources.

This Handbook is designed to help you develop the most effective and suitable partnership(s) for your group.


Being Investor Ready Toolkit - Download (235 KB)

The aim of this handbook is to help groups to build corporate, philanthropic and other partnerships that increase investment in achieving natural resource management goals.

The handbook includes case studies of successful group programs, and checklists to assist groups to plan and prepare for investment. Landcare communities in the Corangamite, West Gippsland and Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority regions identified and expressed the need for skill development and process knowledge to assist them in obtaining financial and other support from non-traditional investors. They requested an opportunity to be trained and skilled in the techniques and methods of successfully engaging with potential partners and investors.

This handbook was published in 20024 and is a result of these requests. An initiative of the Statewide Landcare Team in Victoria, this handbook was compiled with support and advice from the West Gippsland, Corangamite and Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authorities and investment by the Victorian Action Plan for Second Generation Landcare.