Climate-ready vegetation

A guide for natural resource managers (version 2)

This Guide (version 2) that was published by Macquarie University in February 2018, is a compilation of the online tools available to assist natural resource managers incorporate the inherent uncertainties associated with climate change when planning revegetation activities.

The Guide can be accessed by downloading the PDF version or viewing online at

The information in the Guide is based on the premise that survival and resilience will be enhanced for species and local populations with large, genetically diverse populations. Species differ in their vulnerability to climate change. Species that cannot evolve and adapt to new environmental conditions in-situ as fast as the climate changes, or disperse to more suitable climes, will be more vulnerable than those with the evolutionary potential and/or the capacity to disperse.

The Guide provides step-by-step instructions on where to find and how to use climate projections and how to consider the suitability of species and provenances for revegetation projects.