Assistance & Support Services

Fire recovery assistance and support programs, health, well-being and safety after fires, and fire updates information from VicEmergency, local governments and agencies.

Agriculture Victoria 

Factsheet Gippsland & Upper Murray fires support programs (Agriculture Victoria)

Support services after an emergency (Agriculture Victoria)

Bushfire Recovery Victoria

Information on the types of fire recovery funding available.

Department of Health & Human Services

Financial assistance 

The Department of Health and Human Services provides support to people experiencing financial hardship because of emergencies such as fire, through the Personal Hardship Assistance Program.  

Bushfires & health, well-being & safety

Community factsheets - bushfire

Community factsheets (Department of Health and Human Services)

Personal well-being

Personal well-being following an emergency (VicEmergency)

Bushfire aftermath - safety tips 

Bushfire aftermath - safety tips (Department of Health and Human Services)

Travelling the road to recovery - video series  

Travelling road recovery video series - Dr Rob Gordon


Trauma factsheets (Department of Health and Human Services)

Trauma - reaction & recovery (Department of Health and Human Services)


The Victorian Government through VicEmergency provides a range of support services and programs to assist families, businesses, landowners and farmers affected by emergencies such as fire.

Financial assistance 

Financial assistance

East Gippsland 2019/20 fires 

For updates go to East Gippsland fires 2019/20 

North East 2019/20 fires 

For updates go to North East fires 2019/20

VicEmergency hotline 1800 226 226

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning provides information on public land recovery and the associated support services available 

Hazardous tree removal after bushfire factsheet

Repair of fences damaged by bushfire & fire control line rehabilitation policy

Essential Water Replacement Policy

Local Governments

East Gippsland Shire

Bushfire support & information

Bushfire Community Newslettters - updates

Towong Shire 

Upper Murray fires 2020 - updates

Information & services contacts - North East fires 2019/20

Catchment Management Authorities 

Contact the Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in your region to see what programs, resources and help is available to assist landowners with natural resource management fire recovery - see below.

North East CMA

North East CMA bushfire information

Contact: for more information Tel: 1300 216 513 or (02) 6043 7600 Email:

East Gippsland CMA

Contact: for more information Tel: 5152 0600 Email:

In Port Phillip and Western Port CMA region also contact Melbourne Water as they have a range of funding programs such as the Stream Frontage Management Program and Rural Land Program that may be able to assist landowners with waterway frontage.Intrepid Landcare

Intrepid Landcare

Intrepid Landcare has developed a Coping Through The Fires webpage with ideas and information, including resources, tips and ideas on how to maintain your well-being throughout the bushfire season, as well as providing links to relevant support services.