Pastures & Soils

Pasture recovery after fire, using biological approaches for soil and pasture recovery after fire, and fire's influence on soils.


Erosion Control (Landcare after the fires - information sheet) - Download (220 KB)

Erosion and the siltation of waterways and dams is a real issue after fire. We can protect dams and waterways and help control erosion after fire using sediment and silt barriers made from a variety of materials including rice straw.

'Long-range approach needed for soil conservation', by Craig Turton - Download (176 KB)

From issue #49, Winter 2010, Victorian  Landcare & Catchment Management magazine, page 6.

'Rice straw for erosion control' by Dianne Dixon - Download (178 KB)

From issue #49, Winter 2010, Victorian  Landcare & Catchment Management magazine. page 15.


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Using biological approaches for soil & pasture recovery after fire (Dr Mary Cole - University of Melbourne) 

Sediment fences

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