How to: Gaining sponsorship

How to source and secure sponsorship as well as tools to assist with the process.

The Guide is based on key messages that apply to all Landcare groups seeking sponsorship.


Money, Volunteers, Skills: Your Guide to Seeking Sponsorship - Download (749 KB)

Money, Volunteers, Skills: Your Guide to Seeking Sponsorship has been developed to provide Landcare groups with ideas on how to source and secure sponsorship and engage corporate and philanthropic trusts with tools to help you get to where you want to.

1. Start from where you are now

Be clear about your current situation/ capabilities and set realistic goals.

2. Start small

Start small, but be open and adaptable because one thing leads to another - small opportunities can, if identified, nurtured and maintained yield big results over the long term.

3. Value and utilise what you have

Your unique ‘assets’ such as skills and knowledge and your role in something bigger (catchments, Victorian and national Landcare).

4. “Be prepared!”

This is not just about getting ready to ask for support but applies every step of the way.

5. Make a plan

Make a plan that you want to follow, that is adaptable (not set in stone) and then follow it.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need

But be very well prepared before you do.

7. Think outside the square

What are all the different ways you could receive support, not just the usual channels? This can include volunteers and skills-based support.

8. Don’t reinvent the wheel

But adapt available resources (short cuts help you work smart).

9. Think about when to stand alone and when to link with others (groups, networks, not-for-profits etc)

One of the keys to Landcare’s success is diversity, but strength also comes through the collective – the power of one voice, one message and one brand cannot be underestimated.

10. Build partnerships

Build partnerships with like-minded organisations that can assist you in mutual goals.

Other useful references and resources

  • Grassroots Grants – A resource kit for community organisations seeking funding
  • Our Community
  • Australian Philanthropic
  • Comunity Fund
  • Perpetual Philanthropic Services
  • Philanthropic Trust Registration
  • Australian Tax Office A – Z Index for Non-Profit Organisations
  • Victoria’s Volunteering Portal
  • Victorian Landcare Gateway - for insurance options, Landcare Notes, Start Up Kit, and Planning guide for Landcare groups and networks.

Additional information

Thanks to the following Landcare groups and networks for their valuable contributions to the development of the guide.

  • Bass Coast Landcare Network
  • Goulburn Murray Landcare Network
  • Basalt to Bay Landcare Network
  • Heytesbury & District Landcare Network
  • South Gippsland Landcare Network
  • East Gippsland Landcare Network
  • Woady Yaloak Catchment Group
  • Yarram Yarram Landcare Network
  • Landcare Australia Ltd
  • Lismore Landcare Network
  • Project Platypus – Upper Wimmera Landcare Network